Prepared Vegetables
At Donnelly Foodservice we understand the challenges you face in your business. You may not always have the time or the staff to prepare everything you need daily. We can help! We can peel, dice, slice, julienne or grate vegetables into countless different sizes and shapes as well as producing combination products such as stir-fry, casserole and soup packs. All our veg is washed and ready to use. Our experienced buyers source product worldwide but we are proud to always support Irish growers during the Irish season..

Carrots, peeled, sliced, diced, grated. Available in 1.5kg or 2.5kg.

Coleslaw Dry Mix

Shredded cabbage, carrot & onion. Available in 1kg or 2kg.


All colours, sliced, diced. Available in 1.5kg or 2.5kg.

Roast Root Vegetables

Sweet potato, carrot, turnip and red onion. Available in 2kg.

Stir-Fry Mix

Sliced peppers, red onion, carrot, savoy cabbage and white cabbage. Available in 2kg.


Sliced, diced, whole. Available in 2.5g


Sliced, diced, wedges. Available in 1.5kg or 2.5kg.

White and Red Onions

Whole peeled, sliced or diced onions. Available in 1.5kg or 2.5kg.

Comp. Reg: 441530 / Vat: IE9661752R