A Couple of Leaves

Hand in hand, a simple bag of 2 delightfully fresh lettuce leaves, Ruby Chard, and Lambs Lettuce.

Baby Leaf Spinach

Popeye's favourite! Soft, baby spinach leaves pack a punch on the nutritional front - a rich source of iron and vitamins. Great eaten raw in a salad.

Bacon Caesar Salad Kit

Our Bacon Caesar Salad Kit was inspired by a foodie friend of Donnelly’s who proclaimed “It always tastes better with Bacon”!

Baton Carrots

Who needs to baton a carrot when we can do it for you! Is as happy at a dinner party as it is in a Monday night dinner. Or raw in a lunchbox!

Beetroot and Carrot Salad

Beetroot is cool again... no more jars with vinegar and red fingers! Lovely beetroot cubes with carrot and red onion in a honey & vinegar dressing.

Best Dressed Salad

Dress up tonight. A gorgeous lemon & balsamic vinegar dressing is the star of this soft dark leaf salad.

Broccoli Carrot & Cauliflower

Family favourite! Broccoli florets, baton carrots and cauliflower florets. Ready to boil, steam or microwave.

Broccoli Carrot and Nut Salad

Bite sized pieces of broccoli and carrot in a creamy mayonnaise dressing with crunchy peanuts. The number one favourite salad with the Donnelly crew.

Caesar Salad

Hail Caesar! Cos lettuce with sundried tomato bruschetta croutons, parmigano reggiano cheese and a tangy caesar dressing - yum!

Carrot & Turnip

Perfect for buttery mash or for adding to your favourite stew or casserole. Diced and ready to cook.

Carrot and Parsnip

Just Roast! Carrots and parsnip wedges sprinkled with mustard seeds with a sweet and sticky honey and mustard glaze.

Charlotte Potato Salad

Charlotte potatoes are the perfect waxy salad spud. We have covered ours in a luxurious crème Fraiche and mayonnaise dressing with spring onions.

Cox’s Pippin Apples

Grown exclusively for Donnelly in the traditional orchards of the Cappoquinn Estate in Co. Wexford. Cox Pippin apples have a rich, aromatic flavour.

Cox’s Pippin Apples (Four Pack)

A handy four pack of our favourite Cox's Pippin apples - exclusively grown for Donnelly.

Crisp & Crunchy

Turn over a new leaf! A fresh selection of sweet salad leaves with crunchy cabbage and carrot. Try this one with the kids.

Curry Coleslaw

Yes, seriously… You really, really have to try this one!! Our best creamy coleslaw with a fruity, mild curry twist. Really great on a wrap!

Deli Style Coleslaw

Our absolute best ever coleslaw. Thinly shred cabbage, carrot and onion in the creamiest ever mayonnaise. Great with, well… just about everything!

Easy Peelers

Great for the lunchbox! These super sweet Spanish clementines are easy to peel and perfect for small or indeed big hands.

Fiberless Mangos

Best ever mango - guaranteed! Selected from the best Kent and Keitt varieties, these mangos are super sweet and always ready to eat.

Grown in Ireland Salad Leaves

To guarantee the freshest possible salad leaves, Irish producers harvest daily and deliver straight to Donnelly for washing, packing and delivering!

Iceberg Lettuce

All year round favourite - fresh and crunchy iceberg lettuce. Grown in Ireland from May to Oct in France or Spain during the wet Irish winter.

Irish Bramley’s

Donnelly Irish Bramley cooking apples, perfect for those Halloween apple tarts and cakes. Grown by Donnacha Donnelly five minutes from our door.

Irish Carrots

Sweet Irish carrots, grown for Donnelly in Co. Meath. Carrots are grown in Ireland from June until March.

Irish Growers’ Choice Salad Kit

Our Irish Growers’ Choice Salad Kit contains a variety of salad leaves (and more!) from the fertile soil of Co. Wexford and North Co. Dublin.

Irish Parsnips

Donnelly Irish parsnips are grown in the fertile fields of Rush in North County Dublin. Enjoy all year round with our Donnelly Irish Carrots.

Irish Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes

Our variety of Piccolo Tomato is grown in North County Dublin, and is 3 times sweeter than standard Tomatoes.

Irish Winter Vegetables

What would be better for a winter's day but a selection of Irish baby turnips, carrot, parsnips and baby potatoes. Perfect for a warming winter stew.

Italian Style Salad

Jump on your vespa. Donnelly Italian Style Salad is a colourful mix of crisp red and green leaves.

Lycopene Rich Vine Tomatoes

Best described as "how Tomatoes used to taste", grown for us in County Waterford.

Mediterranean Roasting Vegetables

Courgette wedges, sweet red and yellow peppers and cherry tomatoes tossed with garlic and rosemary. A true taste of the Mediterranean!

Mex It Up Fajita Kit

Our Fajita Kit contains a selection of onions and peppers sliced and ready to cook with a sachet of spicy Fajita seasoning.

Mushroom Medley

The mushroom medley includes an intense selection of gray oyster, golden oyster, shiitake, paris brown, hedgehog, enoki, flamingo & beech mushrooms.

New Season Irish Strawberries

Grown specifically for us in Rush, North Co. Dublin, the fruit is allowed to ripen fully before picking, for best taste!

Oriental Stir Fry

Stir it up! Look out for the edamame beans in this Oriental stir-fry. Edamame beans are young soya beans and are high in protein and low in fat.

Oyster and Soy Noodle Wok It Up

Enjoy on its own or cook with your favorite meat or fish accompaniment, fresh and healthy!

Pinenut and Spinach Pesto Pasta

Pasta bows with spinach and pinenuts in a green pesto dressing. This is great cold but can be eaten hot too. An oldie but a goodie!

Rice Noodles

Quick and easy rice noodles make a great accompaniment to your stir-fry. Cooks in 3 minutes! Low fat, healthy and gluten-free.


Rocket leaves have a distinctive strong, peppery flavour. Try dressed with balsamic vinegar and topped with parmesan shavings.

Rocket & Baby Leaf Salad

Peppery rocket leaves with baby leaf spinach, soft lambs lettuce and ruby chard.

Root Vegetables with Rosemary Oil

Rooster potatoes. sweet potatoes. carrot & parsnip wedges sprinkled with pumpkin seeds. Stir through the aromatic rosemary oil and enjoy!

Seasonal Cabbage

The best cabbage in season - A mix of Savoy, Sweetheart or York cabbage. Irish grown generally during the winter months.

Soup Vegetables

A winter warmer, add in a stock cube and simmer. No need to wash or dice.

Sweet Chilli Wok It Up!

Create a fresh and healthy alternative to your Friday night takeaway in less than 8 minutes!

Sweet Ramiro Peppers

Enjoy these Spainish pointed peppers roasted, grilled or stuffed. Gorgeous red colour with an intense, sweet flavour.

Tender Stem Broccoli And Pepper Stir Fry

Stir it up! A crunchy mix of cabbage, carrot, tenderstem broccoli, red onion, peppers & pak choi. Perfect for dinner for 2. Stir-fry in 5 minutes.

The Big Garden Salad

The freshest mixed salad leaves with crunchy carrot, cucumber, peppers and cherry tomatoes. Perfect for sharing!

The Small Garden Salad

The Big Salad bowl's smaller brother! This salad may be small but is perfectly formed. Carrot, cucumber, peppers, cherry tomatoes with mixed leaves.

The Summer Salad Bowl

A sunshine mix of the freshest mixed salad leaves, topped with peppery radish, salad cress, and sweet Donnelly Irish grown Piccolo cherry tomatoes.

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